Personal Loans – Borrow money from private lenders

Take out loans, there are now many different ways. In recent years, so-called personal loans have become increasingly popular. These loans are not issued by banks. Instead, private financiers lend money to other individuals. Personal loans are granted on credit marketplaces. One of the most famous providers in this field is auxmoney.


  • 1 Borrow money privately with a loan project
  • 2 Are auxmoney loans possible?
  • 3 P2P loans are the topic of the future!

Borrow money privately with a loan project

The credit marketplace auxmoney offers private individuals, who may be more difficult to get a loan elsewhere, the opportunity to create a loan project. This loan project is then put online in the credit marketplace. How exactly that works, you can find on the page of auxmoney . In any case, it should be very easy to create such a project on the credit marketplace, if the credit rating was tested positive.

Are loans without Schufa possible at auxmoney?

Are loans without Schufa possible at auxmoney?

At auxmoney, no loans can be made without Schufa. Although this has been reported repeatedly in recent years, but according to the information on the auxmoney website is not the facts. It says: “auxmoney, however, offers the opportunity for an instant loan despite Schufa, because the Schufa is just one credit rating of many, which is evaluated.”

Loans are the topic of the future!

P2P loans are the topic of the future!

Loans from private investors to private individuals, freelancers and the self-employed already have a great importance. This will probably continue to increase in the coming years. The so-called P2P loans have grown especially in the times of the financial crisis, when many self-employed and freelancers had hardly any credit opportunities with the banks. Platforms such as auxmoney have recognized this for themselves and have been successfully offering loans from private to private for years. Personal loans are still a way to get credit even if the bank says no for whatever reason. But there are no loans here without Schufa, which offers credit only to credit intermediaries working with foreign banks.