Beware of increasing online credit fraud, expert advice

According to CRIF studies, a significant increase in credit fraud was highlighted in 2012, especially through an unusual means such as the theft of credentials obtained from social media. These scams involve the finalized loan in 80% of the cases.

The concession announcements are now everywhere, the Internet is flooded with offers that sometimes are nothing more than scams. It often happens to everyone to read advertisements or links in the various sites that invite to request a loan. Although they are not usually taken into consideration, there are people who fall into these traps instead.

These sensational offers of concessions at subsidized rates hide much more

loan rates

They end up in the hands of loan sharks or rogues organized well, perhaps even from foreign countries, who ask for an advance to cover alleged legal costs and then leave with the loot .

In short, despair plays tricks. You can however do prevention and avoid ending up in these computer traps, here are the tips of the experts :

  • Pay close attention to the advertisements contained on the websites.
  • Once requested online estimates, compare them with other companies and inquire about their seriousness. Such as? Just do a search by name on the internet with the word scam or the like next to it.
  • Do research on sites to protect consumers and related forums to find out about the flaws of any company, maybe there is also that choice.
  • If you find locations of that neighboring company better do an interview to better evaluate.
  • Deteriorating the extinction of the loan over time, sudden expenditures that can create problems for family budgets are often not taken into account.
  • The amazing offers do not exist, indeed, if they are too, this is a sign of possible fraud. Some examples to understand that it is a scam? The immediate request for preliminary investigation expenses.
  • In the offer the TAN and the APR must be counted and not just one of them at the end. The real cost of the operation could be so high as to border on the limits of wear.
  • The correct and credible companies also include information on transparency and privacy (in pdf format) on the websites.

For the granting, the client’s income situation is examined first

For the granting, the client

(The so-called solvency with the consultation of the executions register and the credit information center). The interest rate is calculated based on the creditworthiness of the customer, the duration and the sum of the credit. The scammers, on the other hand, do not consult this register and do not make any checks and the client is asked to pay advances on cash pretexts.

An indication of fraud can also be the promise of a sum of money higher than that granted by a bank or when this sum is granted to people in serious difficulty. In the event of a serious situation, contact a consumer association and if interest rates are too low, it is advisable to discard a priori those companies that offer unrealistic solutions.